Most Useful Best WordPress SEO Plugins

Top WordPress SEO Plugins are used to optimize your post to get a better ranking in the search engines search. SEO means that how your content is discovered or found out when something is queried over the net using different search engines. There are more than 200 different factors like content, PageRank, speed and many more that affect your content ranking in a search result. WordPress is the best content management system which is widely used to make blog on your website. Its widely used can be imagined by the fact that 60 millions websites among 635 millions were those powered by wordpress at the end of 2012. So it is a great point that how your post is optimized by using different Great SEO plugins for the search engines because these wordpress SEO plugins tell the search engines  about your website that what it is. Perhaps there are a number of the great useful SEO plugins that can be used to optimize your content to a great extent so that your post could get a good rank in a search engine during a search by doing such actions which are either very difficult to perform manually or are impossible. These Useful Wordpress SEO plugins can enhance the optimization of your post. Below is the answer of most discussed question “what are the best seo plugins for wordpress?

Best WordPress SEO  Plugins for every website

These WordPress SEO plugins will definitely make your life easy and will save a lot of time. Many plugins are available on the internet but below are only top most of them.

best wordpress SEO plugins


All-In-One SEO (AIO)

SEO plugins All in One

All-In-One SEO is a great and simple SEo plugin that is very easy to install and use, its importance can be recognized by the fact that the plugin have been used by the at least 1 4 millions users. The plugin has many great features like:

  • Google Analytics support.
  • Nonce Security.
  • For beginners, you don’t even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.
  • Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.

For More Information Click on the link given above. If you want to design a portfolio pr a blog using wordpress then check these Creative WordPress Portfolio Themes.

SEO by Yoast top wordpress plugin

wordpress SEO by yoast plugin

WordPress SEO by yoast is a great SEO plugin that can be used to optimize your content for getting a good rank in search engine. The SEO plugin has great features which help you to write better content and allows you to choose better keywords while writing your article. Its great features are:

  • Page Analysis
  • Write better content with WordPress SEO
  • Meta & Link Elements
  • Technical WordPress Search Engine Optimization
  • Further information can be obtained by clicking on the above given link.
  • RSS Optimization.

And much more.

  Google XML sitemap best WordPress SEO plugin  

SEO plugin GOOGLE xml sitemaps

Google XML is a best SEO plugins that is used for the better index of your website in the top Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Ask etc. By the use of this plugin a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your wordpress blog can be generated which shows the complete structure of your website and retrieve it quickly and efficiently. Its great features are :

  • User interface to customize all parameters like priorities etc
  • Generates automatically a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages
  • Generates a static XML file as well as a zipped version
  • Available for all WordPress versions since 1.5

and many others.

If you are a web designer and wants some professional wordpress themes then check out my post on top eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Please speak your mind via comments about these Useful WordPress SEO plugins and let me know your suggestions and ideas.

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